From Paul B. in Los Angeles. For his and thousands more great comments about us, see the Louisville Mill Supply Amazon store:

"Louisville Mill Kicks Butt in Every Seller Area! Our earmuffs arrived quickly, in perfect condition and at the best price anywhere. They fit so comfortably and work so well we have even considered sleeping with them on. (But won't for obvious safety reasons.) We simply could not be more pleased and want to Thank You from the bottom of our earlobes."

From Tim O. in Tucson, AZ
“Item arrived promptly and in pristine condition.”

From Jeni T. (Bowling Green, KY):

"I would like to thank everyone at Louisville Mill Supply. Since I have taken over as the Administrative Assistant here, everyone has been exceptionally helpful to me and my company. I always receive my orders in a quick and efficient manner. I have had many opportunities to speak with John Shellhamer and Denise Davis and they are always nice, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile in helping usget our supplies. I have had a few occasions in which we were out of supplies, and LMS had a truck come down with the delivery or Greg Davis personally brought the parts. I really appreciate everything you do each day! Keep up the great work."


From Tom A., Production Manger (Lebanon, KY):

"Thanks for all your help, especially the last couple of weeks getting our orders expedited in here so we could get this tooling package shipped to our customer. You probably don't hear it enough so I will tell you thank very much job well done. I also owe you a lunch now so come on down and we will go."


From Beverly L., Buyer / Planner:

"Our company has been doing business with you for many years. Whenever we need anything you are always there. Thank you very much! Our inventory use to be a mess—until our LMS rep Greg Davis brought in your MRO Integrated Supply Program. Now everything is so much better! Then he got us going on the same program for our bolts and screws, and it is working perfectly too! LMS was our # 1 supplier for the 2006 year. You all are great! Special thanks to our inside rep Sharon Richardson too."


From Kendra H., Procurement Specialist:

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your hard work and dedication to our company. During the busy times, our most reliable vendors are often overlooked. LMS has been one of the most responsive, dependable, and loyal vendors that I have dealt with in this job. It has been a pleasure to work with your company throughout the past year. It is vendors like Louisville Mill that make my job very enjoyable! I especially want to take the time to compliment and thank our reps Paul Vavro & Greg Davis for their time and hard work. Often those who do the most for our account behind the scenes are never recognized, like Paul. He has always been very responsive and accommodating to our company. He is so helpful, thorough, and responsive, especially when we need immediate assistance. I can always count on him to get the job done correctly and efficiently. I cannot express enough my appreciation for the hard work and dedication of both Paul and Greg. I am sure there are others who contribute as well, but I can easily see the effort that those two put into our account. Thanks again for everything!"